incoming & outgoing cash
Through an analysis of your bank account/income statement we will strive to find opportunities to increase the cash flow of your business. Do you need some working capital? Do you have too much cash on hand that can work for you? Check out my article page for more details.
is your capital working for you?
There are effective ways to manage your business cash flow that can provide you a saftey net if you need however, still working for you. We should talk!
can you turn personal debt into corporate debt?
YES! There are simply and effective strategies to shift your current debt load from personal side of the balance sheet to the business balance sheet! Imagine the possibilities! Spending pre-tax dollars.
can you manage your current debt load?
Do you need to review your current credit strategies? How about some credit that the bank won't see on your financial statements?
can you protect the capital in your business without paying taxes?
YES! legal structures and certain investment products can provide you a shelter that won't call the tax man to collect his cut. Imagine being able to keep more of your hard earned money without paying taxes. Being able to enjoy more.
group insurance rates increased again?
Let me show you some of the items in your group insurance policy that are responsible for that 30+% increase. Yes, there are options that may allow you to control your group insurance costs without slashing benefits and making your employees unhappy... I say YES!
what would happen if you cannot work?
If you answered my business will go on, that's great! Keep up the good work, but that means there may be someone you need to protect for your business! I can show you some interesting options you probably never heard of.
if your answer is "I don't know.."
Book an appointment quick! You are responsible for your clients, family, and yes even your employees. Ready to have that talk?
Is your money still in your corporate checking account cause your banker said so?
If yes, we should talk. The bank makes money on your cash reserves, are you? I believe in everyone making money!
Is your money locked into a GIC for 30 days?
You may as well keep it in your bank account at those low rates. Need alternatives? I have many!
does all your money need to be liquid?
Yes! No more RRSPs! I can show you effective investment options that can increase your business liquidity and still provide income, isn't that they whole reason you opened your business? We should talk!
do you want to stop?
Have you thought about the day you no longer want to work? Have you ever thought of not stepping into your business and not feeling guilty? We should talk.
do you have enough to stop?
What is your business worth? Can, will the proceeds be used to help finance your retirement or allow you the financial independence you want or need? Do you know how to get it done? We should talk, my network of professionals and myself will help you get it done as painlessly as possible
what's retirement for you?
What does the word retirement mean to you? It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Let me help you decide what does that mean for you, then we can see if your retirement financial resources match your retirement vision, if not, we should talk.
do you pay too much?
Tax avoidance is illegal, tax reduction is legal. How do you start? We should talk, I can help get the right professionals in front of you to help lower your tax bill. I can quarterback or lead this for you. I then come in after the professionals put the new structures in place to help you exploit these structures and create the savings. We should talk.
can you pay less?
Are you with the same accountant for the last 20 years? If yes, has he grown with you or has your growth outpaced your accountant? I often see this and realize my client is loyal to a fault, fault because if the advice has not kept up or mature as you have we need to talk. You may need someone who is above your level to pull you up to the next level. We must surround ourselves with people smarter than us, if you are smartest person in the room, run away ;-). We should talk!
how are you structured?
Are you structured? If not, we need to talk ASAP! You are and not sure how to use what is in place? You banker doesn't understand? We should talk. I can help understand your current structure and have a review done by my professional network to ensure you have the right structure to help you achieve your financial independence.
who do you want to pass the torch to?
What is your exit strategy? The day you no longer want to put the keys in that door, who do you feel will be the best person to continue where you left off. Is it family? Friend? or do you "simply sell?" All these are wonderful and complicated options, let me help, bring in the right people. We should talk.
who can carry the torch?
What if the person you want does not want? or cannot? What if they cannot afford to give you what you want, or worst still, what you need to provide that financial freedom you want now? We should talk, the right moves can make sure you get what you deserve for the hard work you put in. We should talk.
who wants to carry the torch?
Is there someone who manifested a desire to take over? A key employee, a friend, family even? I can help them and you plan the transition the most efficient and effective way possible by bringing in my trust network and getting it done. Your worked all your life for this moment, I do not think you cannot afford to leave it up to "what ifs" and "now whats", and the famous "don't worries"? Am I wrong? We should talk.
what's important for you?
What are the must haves and non-negotiables in your life right now? Have you ever thought about what you want to do? Now it is time to think about how to pay for them. We should talk!
how will we get there?
Pension? What pension? Depending on the way you paid yourself, your wife, and your children you may not be getting any additional pension money. Hope you planned for a rainy day. Did you know if you make 45K/year your whole like life, the government expects you to provide up to 30% of your retirement income needs out of your own pocket and resources? We should talk.
do you see a value in it?
Maybe you do not need my advice, if you don't great! If you think it is too expensive, maybe you're right. If you think it won't happen to you, you right. Actually, you do need me. You do need to have a talk and understand how much money you are actually giving the government, bank, or insurance company than you even know! If you are thinking to yourself, Ah ha! The bank pays me money in the form of interest! Good for putting money away, now let me show you how to keep more and actually get richer, not poorer every year. We should talk.
are you ready to talk?
It is difficult to get out of the rat race and think for one moment. Everything in life is screaming "go go go... make more... do more..." however we all need time to smell the roses and think about what we are doing and who are we doing it for. Are you secretly working for the bank, government, or insurance company and do not realize? We should talk!
when was the last time you reviewed it?
You have a plan, Great! I am proud of you. Did you look at it since your meeting 2 years ago? You did? Great! Are the numbers all coherent with your plans? Great! Are you the same person who wants the same things since you last did your plan? We grow all the time, we need someone and something that can evolve as we evolve, not the other way around. We should talk!
who did you review it with?
If you did review it, who did you review it? How about your loved ones? How about the person you chose to carry out your wishes? These are only some of the people you should review it with. How about the person who did the plan? How about a second opinion? We should talk!