incoming & outgoing cash
I will look at the money coming in and the money coming out. I am trying to look for the root cause of the problem. This is the source of all poverty or prosperity. Foundation first. Have you read my article about this?
are you spending too much?
I will never tell you are spending too much, but I may help guide you to realize the financial goals are you will miss out, lose, or delay if you cannot address this on your own. I am here to show the alternatives, not tell you how to spend. If you have no reason to save, why wouldn't you spend it all? We cannot take anything with us!
are you playing too much?
Are there good debts? Absolutely. I will find ways to turn your bad debt into good debt. You can make money with debt, let me show you how! Is there a better way to structure your current debt?
can you manage your current debt load?
Are you tight? If you can manage or barely, maybe we can find something better, or smarter to solve the same problem. Take me up on the challenge!
can you convert your debt into investment?
Need I say more? Looking into shifting the debt from the negative column to the positive one by finding a different approach.
are you paying too much?
Never mind a needs analysis, how about a Capital wants analysis. How much do you want to pay for. How much do you want for you or your family. You are the boss, you pick!
do you have too much insurance?
Ever get that thought "why am I paying for this?" "What do I actually have?" "Do I really need to pay this much?" If you have any of those questions, come and find answers, you can be pleasantly surprised.
do you have the right insurance?
Are there alternatives that you did not know exist because your broker showed you one option? Or worst yet, you have the insurance with your financial institution. We should talk.
are you taking enough risk?
This is a tricky question, let me guide and help you find the right level of risk that makes sense for you and your goals. Do you know how much risk you are actually taking? What about how much risk you need to take?
what's your investment vs goal relationship?
Did you know there is an important relationship between your goals and your risk profile? Did you know not manage each as a whole will ultimately allow you to chose the wrong risk profile. We should talk!
do you understand your statement?
That document you receive once in awhile (Actually ever 3-6 months) that has those pretty graphs and simple to understand numbers. Wait a second, that what it looks like for me, if it does not look that way to you, we should talk!
do you want to stop?
Have you ever thought of your next step? Do you want to stop working? If you want to keep working, how will that look like? We should talk.
do you have enough to stop?
You decided that you want to stop or phase yourself out, now can you pay for it? Let me help you plan that phase. If we need to make any adjustments, we should start now.
what's retirement for you?
What does the word retirement mean to you? It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Let me help you decide what does that mean for you, then we can see if your retirement financial resources match your retirement vision, if not, we should talk.
do you pay too much?
I know we all have that feeling, but we should talk. There are ways to reduce your taxes or defer them into the future. More money you have today means you have more working for you now.
can you pay less?
What is the difference between a 25/50$ tax return and an accountant? The advice! There are effective and simple tactics to lower your tax bill and help equalize your taxes. My job is to put the accountant's advice into action! Why do we meet our accountant in Jan, Feb, or March? Typically this is due to the tax receipts we receive, however, the advice we need is likely in Nov or Dec. After Dec it is often too late. We should talk!
own Real-estate?
Afraid of the tax man? You should be! We should talk and see what can be done for your particular situation. We should talk!
are you ready to have the big talk?
It does not have to be as daunting and scary as you think or feel. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It is time to put your ideas, wishes, and dreams on paper. I can help and I will bring in the right people with a similar mindset to get you what you need and want. We should talk
what do you want to leave and who do you want to leave it too?
We need to talk about the inventory and how to get the inventory to the people you want, not the government, and certainly not taxes. We should talk.
who do you want to represent your wishes?
This is another important often heavy question, however, with a cool heart and cool head I can help you choose the right person. Not sure who, may be we hire a professional. We should talk, you have more options than you realize.
what's important for you?
What are the must haves and non-negotiables in your life right now? Have you ever thought about what you want to do? Now it is time to think about how to pay for them. We should talk!
how will we get there?
Do you have a road map or counting on selling your house and the famous government pension? Did you know if you make 45K/year your whole like life, the government expects you to provide up to 30% of your retirement income needs out of your own pocket and resources? If you make more, the number can be as high as 50, maybe even 60%. We should talk.
do you see a value in it?
Maybe you do not need my advice, if you don't great! If you think it is too expensive, maybe you're right. If you think it won't happen to you, you right. Actually, you do need me. You do need to have a talk and understand how much money you are actually giving the government, bank, or insurance company than you even know! If you are thinking to yourself, Ah ha! The bank pays me money in the form of interest! Good for putting money away, now let me show you how to keep more and actually get richer, not poorer every year. We should talk.
are you ready to talk?
It is difficult to get out of the rat race and think for one moment. Everything in life is screaming "go go go... make more... do more..." however we all need time to smell the roses and think about what we are doing and who are we doing it for. Are you secretly working for the bank, government, or insurance company and do not realize? We should talk!
when was the last time you reviewed it?
You have a plan, Great! I am proud of you. Did you look at it since your meeting 2 years ago? You did? Great! Are the numbers all coherent with your plans? Great! Are you the same person who wants the same things since you last did your plan? We grow all the time, we need someone and something that can evolve as we evolve, not the other way around. We should talk!
who did you review it with?
If you did review it, who did you review it? How about your loved ones? How about the person you chose to carry out your wishes? These are only some of the people you should review it with. How about the person who did the plan? How about a second opinion? We should talk!